Fertilizer Production Process Equipment send to Algeria


Fertilizer Production Process Equipment send to Algeria less investment, quick results, good economic benefits.Complete set of equipment layout compact, scientific and reasonable, advanced technology. Energy saving, no waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.Wide adaptability of raw materials, suitable for compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical, feed and other raw materials granulation, product granulation rate is high.Can produce a variety of concentrations, a variety of types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer, etc.) compound fertilizer.In particular, ammonium bicarbonate series of compound fertilizer granulation.Agricultural technology development Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture soil and fertilizer station designated production enterprises, the company production and sales products: no drying fertilizer production line, no drying fertilizer production machine, complete set of organic fertilizer machine. The equipment required by compound fertilizer production line is generally crusher, conveyor, granulator, elevator, finished product screen and other equipment.Zhengzhou Huaqiang compound fertilizer production line equipment, the company's senior experts can according to the different actual needs of users to adjust the design of production plan, responsible for the installation and commissioning.If you need to know the price of compound fertilizer equipment and the structure of compound fertilizer production line in detail, we will tailor the plan for you!

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