Belt conveyors used in fertilizer production process are sent to Malaysia


The main USES of The Belt conveyors used in fertilizer production process are sent to Malaysia are:
1. Corrugated wing conveyor belt is a general purpose continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials. It adopts a conveyor belt with corrugated wing and diaphragm.Therefore, it is especially suitable for large dip Angle transportation.
2. This machine can be used in coal, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, grain, port, ship and other industries to transport various bulk materials with bulk density of 0.5-2.5t/m3 within the range of working environment humidity of -15℃--+40℃.
3. Special conveyor belts are required for conveying materials with special requirements, such as high-temperature materials containing acid, alkali, oil substances or organic solvents.
4. Within the range of dip Angle of the belt conveyor
The Big-angle incline conveyor used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and so on, and has the characteristics of large dip conveyor, compact structure, less occupation of land and so on, so it is the ideal organic fertilizer machine for large dip conveyor and vertical lift materials.

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