Compost Turning Machine Installation Site


Wheel Turning Machine is suitable for large span, high depth of livestock and poultry excrement, sludge, bacterial residue, sugar residue, Chinese medicine residue, biogas residue and plant straw and other organic waste fermentation tiller. According to the actual situation of the production site, the wheel and disc tilting machine can flexibly control the turning span of the equipment, which not only saves the construction cost of fertilizer manufacturers, but also increases the operation space of the tool vehicle. It is the fermentation equipment with higher cost performance in the market at present.  The Wheel Turning Machine is an ideal organic fertilizer machine. The maximum flip span is up to 30 meters, and the flip depth is 1.5-2 meters.The machine adopts hydraulic energy saving and efficient transmission device, which saves energy consumption by nearly 30% compared with the traditional tossing machine. It adopts double wheel and disc symmetrical tossing operation, and there is no dead Angle.  
Model:  LP series
Flip span (m): 6-30 meters (can be customized according to the site)
Flip depth (m) :  1.5-2
Power (KW) :  37-110
Flipping capacity: (m /min) :  8-15 (depending on the moisture, viscosity and density of the material)

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