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The fermentation system of Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line process is composed of our company's mixing machine, feeding conveyor, proprietary lifting tilting machine and electrical active control system and other organic fertilizer machine.The primary equipment of the boring system is belt conveyor, rotary drum boring machine, cooling machine, induced draft fan, hot air furnace, etc.The crushing system includes semi-wet material crusher, LP chain crusher or cage crusher, belt conveyor, etc.The batching system includes equipment such as disc feeder, electronic batching system and vibrating screen, which can be equipped with 6-8 kinds of raw materials at a time.The mixing system consists of optional horizontal mixer or disc mixer, vibrating screen, mobile belt conveyor, etc.
Chicken manure fertilizer production line process needs to use organic fertilizer granulator granulation system equipment, can choose the granulator equipment are: compound fertilizer for roll kneading pelleting machine, granulating disc granulator, flat membrane, biological organic fertilizer spherical granulator, special fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, polishing machine, special compound fertilizer granulator, etc;The cooling and drying system can be used for rotary dryer, rotary drum cooler and other equipment for drying and cooling.The screening system is mainly finished by the roller screening machine, which can set up the primary screening machine and the secondary screening machine, so that the product rate is higher and the particles are better;Product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scales, silos, active sewing machine, etc.In this way, the organic fertilizer production line can be fully active without intermittent production.

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