Solution of high yield chicken manure organic fertilizer production process


The production process of the organic fertilizer machine of the high yield chicken manure organic fertilizer production process is: batching system, double shaft mixer, disc feeder, double roller press granulator, roller screen, packaging machine, and the organic fertilizer machine processes are connected with each other by belt conveyor. Fertilizer equipment for chicken manure organic fertilizer production process
1. Proportioning system: the function of this system is to crush, proportion and mix the composted materials, NPK inorganic fertilizer and other additives in a certain proportion.
2. Double shaft mixer: it can continuously feed and improve the production rate. At the same time, the raw materials are not easy to stick to the wall and block.
3. Disc feeder: evenly put materials into the organic fertilizer granulator.
4. Double roller press granulator: the mutual movement between the two roller skins, the particles are elliptical, and it is used together with the round thrower, Kerry is more beautiful and smooth, and the market value will be higher.
5. Screening machine: it is an ideal organic fertilizer machine with screening screen and screen cover in structure, no environmental pollution, low noise and fertilizer production.
6. Packaging machine: automatic weighing packaging machine

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