Production process solution of small-sized double roller extrusion granulator


Production process solution of small-sized double roller extrusion granulator:

1. The fermented materials are transported to the bucket elevator through the belt conveyor with large inclination angle

2. The bucket elevator lifts the material to the disc feeder at a constant speed

3. The function of the disc feeder is to prevent the pelletizer from blocking in the process of pelletizing, so that the material can be evenly put into the organic fertilizer granulator

4. The granulated particles are transported to the drum for screening by the belt conveyor with large angle of inclination, and the qualified particles are screened out. The unqualified particles can be granulated in the disc feeder and recycled in turn.

In this fertilizer production process, customers can choose the appropriate fertilizer production line according to their actual situation.

Advantages of this fertilizer production process:

1. Compact process layout and less space

2. Low investment cost of fertilizer equipment, suitable for small organic fertilizer manufacturers

3. The equipment of organic fertilizer production line has long service life, stable operation and easy maintenance

Our company promises:

1. Free assignment of professional after-sales service personnel, arrived at the site to guide the customer installation and commissioning.

2. Train operators on site.

3. After the installation of the complete set of equipment, technical personnel shall be left to assist the customer in field production for free until the customer is satisfied.

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