Production process of Zhengzhou Huaqiang powdery organic fertilizer


Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a fertilizer production process manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. We specialize in the production of a complete set of organic fertilizer machines, organic fertilizer production lines, and provide customers with all-round services such as fertilizer production process design. We always adhere to high-quality, high-standard product requirements, and constantly improve product quality, standing in the forefront of domestic fertilizer equipment industry. Here, welcome people from all walks of life to visit our company, mutual benefit and win-win, and create a better future! This production line of powdery organic fertilizer covers a small area and consumes less energy. It is suitable for small-scale production of organic fertilizer. The production process is relatively simple, and the organic fertilizer machines include: fermentation windrow turner, forklift bin, crusher, screening machine and packaging machine. Before equipment and equipment, it needs to be connected with belt conveyor to form a complete organic fertilizer production line.

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