BB fertilizer automatic production line


The BB fertilizer production line of Zhengzhou Huaqiang is suitable for the fertilizer production process which is made up of the single nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium granular fertilizer and other medium and trace elements in a certain proportion. The equipment design of the production line is flexible and can meet the needs of various large, medium and small fertilizer production enterprises.

BB fertilizer production line is mainly composed of the following equipment: storage bin; feeder; metering scale; mixer; large angle belt elevator; quantitative packaging machine; automatic sewing machine; finished product transfer belt machine; computer control system.

The main fertilizer equipment in the BB fertilizer production line is the BB fertilizer mixer. The BB fertilizer mixer produced by our company adopts the positive and negative operation, and carries out the material mixing and output through the special inner spiral mechanism and the unique three-dimensional structure. The equipment has a novel design and strong practicability. Its feeding system does not store materials, and the mixing system is even. The electric control system, manual, automatic and composite settings are all of the same kind Features that the product does not have. The equipment has the characteristics of low price, small floor area, large output and even mixing.

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