High Yield Sulphur Coated Urea Production Line


Sulphur coated urea production line has high efficiency, high profit and low equipment cost. It can achieve 15 tons yield per hour. Its fertilizer equipment structure is also simple, including forklift silo, drum heater, coating machine, drum powder pulverizer, packaging machine. Sulphur coated urea production process:
The granular urea is metered and preheated at 63 C in the fluidized bed preheater.
It enters into the sulfur coated drum which has been heated to 77 ℃ by the electric radiation heater in advance by gravity.
The melted sulfur slurry is atomized at 6.86~10.3 Mpa pressure and sprayed onto the surface of urea particles rolling in the drum to form sulfur film.
The coated urea at 82 C was sent to the encapsulating sealer drum and sprayed with the encapsulating agent.
It is fed into the fluidized bed cooler and cooled to < 41 C by air.
It is transported to the drum pulverizer and wrapped with powder regulator with absorptive capacity to avoid the stickiness of waxy materials and prevent particles from floating in water when used.
Qualified products are weighed, packaged and stored in automatic packaging scales. 

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