A Simple and Easy Production Line of Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line


Many people who are going to invest in building an organic fertilizer production line will consider organic fertilizer production equipment. Sales market has not yet opened, I suggest you can choose powder organic fertilizer production line. Powdery organic fertilizer does not need to go through the granulation process, so the production line of powdered organic fertilizer is cheaper.

The production process of powdered organic fertilizer is fermentation equipment - raw material bin - conveyor belt - crusher - conveyor belt - sieve machine - storage bin or packaging machine. The organic fertilizer produced by this organic fertilizer production line is suitable for self-use or peripheral sales, so you can choose the cheapest processing equipment, the amount is not large, the model can also choose the smallest. Suitable equipments include crawler dumper, semi-wet material crusher, vertical crusher, drum sifter, such as organic fertilizer production line can be bought for tens of thousands of yuan.

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