Drum and disc fertilizer granulation production line


The common feature of drum granulator and disc granulator produced by our company is wet granulation without drying process, which can be used in organic fertilizer production process and npk fertilizer manufacturing process. Drum granulator and disc granulator are used in a fertilizer production line together, which greatly improves the production efficiency of fertilizer and the pelletizing rate of particles

Production technology of drum and disc granulation
The equipment flow of this fertilizer production line is: fertilizer system, drum granulator, disc granulator, dryer, cooler, primary screening machine, secondary screening machine, coating machine and packaging machine

Advantages of this fertilizer production line
1. The product has uniform particles, high granulation efficiency, less large particles and small return ratio
2. Intuitive operation, strong adaptability to flexible change of raw materials
3. Compact layout, low investment and high income
4. This production line fully embodies the production concept of environmental protection, and improves the production efficiency by twice screening.

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of fermentation compost machine, fertilizer granulator, fertilizer crusher and other organic fertilizer machine. We also provide a complete set of organic fertilizer production process, npk fertilizer manufacturing process, biofertilizer project production process, BB fertilizer production equipment. We have been stepping forward the pace of machine progress, hoping to use the best fertilizer equipment to feed back our users!

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