Dewatering Machine

This water extractor can be widely applied to the renewal, sludge, medical, dehydration of poultry and animal feces, etcIt can eliminate 30% moisture in the material, and greatly reduce the burden of dryer and sharply save energy. 
It is an essential handling equipment for high wet material before drying processing equipment.
After dehydration, the material can be directly into the dry equipment, greatly reducing the energy consumption of drying. 
This machine can detach all kinds of livestock manure into liquid and solid organic fertilizer. 
Liquid organic fertilizer can be applied directly to crops by absorption, and solid organic fertilizer can be transported to the lack of fertilizer region.
It can improve the structure of soil and made organic fertilizer through fermentation. This machine has the advantage of reasonable structure, small size, low speed, high efficiency, low material moisture, dehydration uniform, continuous operation, high degree of automation, energy saving, easy maintenance and so on. 
Its dehydration effect is leading level in the domestic.  
Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kW)
BST-250 2-3 7.5
BST-300 3-4 11
BST-350 4-5 15
BST-400 5-6 18.5
BST-500 6-8 22

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