Huaqiang heavy industry hot air stove to Nigeria


In December, according to the customer's requirements, we manufactured and shipped to Nigeria within the specified time. At the time of delivery, in order to ensure that the organic fertilizer machine will not be damaged in the transportation process, we use containers and internal fixation to avoid mechanical friction. 
The equipment developed is mainly hot air furnace, which is a necessary equipment in the drying process and wet granulation fertilizer production process. It provides the necessary heat source for the dryer system.
Features of hot air stove:

1. The hot air stove adopts the technology of return water injection, which solves the problems of boiler tube plate crack, drum at the bottom of drum, water-cooled wall burst, low thermal efficiency, insufficient output, poor adaptability of coal and so on.

2. High temperature and low pressure of gas oil hot blast stove.

3. Accurate temperature control, high utilization rate of thermal energy.

4. The structure is compact and the floor area of the hot blast stove is saved.

5. Air preheater is set at the tail of large hot blast stove to improve the efficiency of hot blast stove. On the basis of rigorous calculation, the convection heating surface adopts high and reasonable flue gas velocity to ensure the full heat exchange of the furnace body and the high thermal efficiency of the hot blast furnace.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years. It has experienced many ups and downs, rich production experience and continuous innovation spirit. Our main production of organic fertilizer machines are: granulator, crusher, mixer, fermentation windrow turner, etc., while the sale of 1-200000 organic fertilizer production line, npk fertilizer production line, biofertilizer project production line, BB fertilizer complete equipment. We provide customers with a series of after-sales services, such as plant design, equipment debugging and installation. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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