Libyan customers visit our factory


Through our sales staff's continuous tracking and friendly communication with Libyan customers, we won the opportunity to visit our factory in the last few days. Our sales staff led Libyan customers to our factory to visit our fertilizer equipment.
During the visit, we talked a lot about the use, safety and maintenance of fertilizer machinery, which is also a test of our factory's strength. After the visit, Libyan customers said that they were very satisfied with the visit and the subsequent development will go smoothly. Zhengzhou Huaqiang Fertilizer Machinery Manufacturer is also in a leading position in China. We are constantly seeking speed and development. After continuous innovation and research and development, we produce high-efficiency fertilizer production equipment. At the same time, we can help customers design complete fertilizer production line components and The design of the plant, our fertilizer equipment has been successfully debugged before export, and will be installed and commissioned in the customer's workshop to ensure the safe and stable production of the machine. Not only must we have the strength, but also the service, we will win the trust of customers, we welcome new and old customers to join us in this big family.

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