The simplest organic fertilizer machine price for fermenting organic fertilizer


First of all, without considering any factors, the price range of a set of organic fertilizer machine can range from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. So, what is the price of organic fertilizer equipment that uses the simplest equipment to produce fermented organic fertilizer?
Use the simplest equipment to produce fermented organic fertilizer:
In the fertilizer production process, if it is a small-scale production of organic fertilizer and does not require exquisite packaging and sales, then only the early fermentation process is required, and the later deep processing treatment is not required. At present, there are three types of organic fertilizer fermentation equipment. The prices of organic fertilizer equipment that do not use the form are as follows:
1. Organic fertilizer fermentation tank
Fermentation tank processing organic fertilizer is suitable for the conditions of strict environmental protection requirements and relatively high fermentation aging requirements. At present, the use of fermentation tanks to process organic fertilizer can produce a batch of raw materials at the fastest 8 hours, and the fermentation tank can also be equipped with a deodorizing system, which is a perfect solution Environmental pollution is a problem, and it is not affected by the outside temperature and environmental terrain, and can be produced at any time, so the price of an organic fertilizer fermentation tank with a minimum processing capacity of 5 cubic meters is about 100,000 yuan.
2. Compost windrow turner
Compost windrow turners are divided into wheel type and crawler type. At present, the most used is crawler turning and polishing machine. It is characterized by large processing capacity and can be moved at will. It is suitable for organic fertilizer turning and polishing operations in open fields. The price of crawler-type flippers for organic fertilizer processing plants that carry out a large number of civil engineering works is about 50,000 yuan.
3. Trough turning and polishing machine
The trough turning machine is stable in operation, and can be changed by one turning machine. It can handle multi-trough materials with large production capacity and uniform turning and throwing. It is adopted by most organic fertilizer processing plants. The smallest 2m trough turning and throwing The price of the machine is only about 30,000 yuan.

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