How does the organic fertilizer granulator make livestock and poultry manure into fertilizer


Taking into account the use of high-efficiency fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the continuous decline in the content of organic matter in the soil, the dim conditions of soil sales, crop yields, and low quality, the entire engineering and technical personnel and experts and professors of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences have developed chicken manure and pig manure after repeated trials The bio-fertilizer granulator with humic acid and waste with high organic content as the main raw materials has contributed to the healthy development of agriculture.
1: Fermentation part. The main function of the fermentation part of the organic fertilizer production line is to reduce the moisture in the organic fertilizer raw materials at an early stage. The raw materials of organic fertilizer are mainly chicken manure, pig manure, sheep manure and other animal manure, cow manure and sheep manure, but the humidity of chicken manure and pig manure is too high. Especially the initial humidity of chicken manure and pig manure is generally above. There is no way to handle such high humidity personally, it must go through the fermentation tank. Generally, the humidity of the fresh chicken manure can be reduced to below through fermentation for about a week. In addition, when the chicken manure is fermented, crude fiber materials such as bran and bran are mixed together to tell you the essentials to shorten the fermentation time and reduce the cost.
2: Broken part. The feces of fermented animals are gathered together, and the lump material is not directly dried, so it is best to crush it with a small crusher first, and then enter the next stage. In organic fertilizer machine, the crushing part is often indispensable.
3: Dry part. Look here, some friends will not be the fermentation process in the future, but will ask how to dry it again. Otherwise, fermentation can only regulate humidity. In fact, to make organic particles, water must be below, so the drying process is also necessary.
4: Particle part. The organic fertilizer granulator is a key link in the entire fertilizer production process. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use the combination of the pelletizer and ball shaper for the pellet function, and it is not recommended to use the traditional pelletizer and ball shaper. The advantage of this is that the particle forming rate is high and the density is good.
5: Cooling, packaging link. Cooling and packaging work can be ignored by small production users. Users who produce in small quantities can dry it by themselves and pack the bag manually. The automatic packaging machine only needs a large number of organic fertilizer production lines. The fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer equipment is an ideal fertilizer for saving investment in agricultural production, improving soil fertility, increasing yield, and optimizing the quality of crops to promote green food and green agriculture.

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