How much does it cost to build a set of organic fertilizer machine?


To understand how much organic fertilizer machine is, there are many equipment included in the complete set of machine for the organic fertilizer production line:
How much does it cost to build a set of organic fertilizer machine?
1. Compost windrow turner : the fermentation of raw materials is decomposed, deodorized and sterilized, and completely decomposed (aerobic fermentation)
2. Crusher: crush the fermented materials, the finer the crushed, the rounder the particles, the better the appearance
3. Forklift feeding bin: play the role of uniform feeding, and will not cause material backlog to the feed inlet
4. Mixer: Adding elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the two-way spiral mixing is more uniform, suitable for mixing a variety of materials.
5. Organic fertilizer granulator : disc granulator, stirring tooth granulator, three-in-one compound granulator
6. Drying machine and cooling machine: The hot air is introduced into the dryer through the induced draft fan to dry the raw materials, and the moisture content of the raw materials after drying does not exceed 30%
7. Screening machine: drum screening machine, grading and screening, large particles are re-crushed for granulation, powdery is directly conveyed to the granulator, and the finished granules are conveyed to the coating machine for coating
8. Coating machine: Add a layer of coating agent to the outside of the particles to make the appearance of the particles more round and good-looking, which is good for the long-term storage of materials.
9. Packaging machine: automatic packaging, saving labor and packaging more precise.
Due to the different needs of customers, the configuration of processing equipment for each fertilizer production process is different, so the price of the equipment will also vary. If you want to know more about the cost of organic fertilizer equipment, please contact us. Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and produces a complete set of fertilizer equipment such as fermentation equipment, drying equipment, granulation equipment, screening system, and batching system suitable for the production of organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer. Welcome to visit our organic fertilizer equipment factory.

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