What are the common production methods of compound fertilizer?


 What are the common production methods of compound fertilizer?
1. Production of compound fertilizer. Put pork ribs, lamb ribs, short ribs, etc. into the pressure cooker, steam for 30 minutes, then mash them into powder. Mix well in the ratio of 1 part bone shavings to 3 parts river sand to make flower base fertilizer. Place it on the bottom of the flowerpot 3 cm with a layer of soil, and then plant the flowers.
2. Nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer. Take 0.5 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and 0.15 kg of potassium chloride. Zinc sulfate 0.025 kg, human excrement 2.5 kg, cow excrement 1 kg (or pig excrement 5 kg), red stone bone powder 20 kg, divided into 5 equal parts, and then spread a layer of red stone bone powder (4 Kg), sprinkle other fertilizers on it, pat it tightly with a wooden board, and then close it with straw or a film cover. After 20-25 days, it will become a nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer.
3. Ammonium phosphate humate. Take 1 kilogram of decomposed biogas residue, add 0.05 kilograms of phosphate rock powder, mix and mix well and pile into a pile, paste a 3-5 cm thick layer of thin mud mixed with cow dung, and then sprinkle with a layer of fine soil, and seal for 40 days It is made into humic acid phosphate fertilizer. Then turn the humic acid phosphate fertilizer into a fine pile, re-pile and paste with thin mud, and then make holes in the pile around the top of the pile, and then pour ammonia water at the ratio of 1 kg of humic acid phosphate fertilizer to 0.05 kg, and use mud The hole is tight. After 8-10 days, it succeeds when there is no smell outside the cave. This compound fertilizer is used as a base fertilizer, and the effect is obvious.
In the above simple npk fertilizer manufacturing process, there is no fertilizer production equipment.

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