BB Fertilizer Blender

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This BB fertilizer mixer is a new generation of hybrid equipment developed by our company. The most prominent advantage of the machine is that the mixing amount is large, the formula is convenient and the pertinence is strong. It overcomes the distributary phenomenon caused by the mixture in the downward flow process because of the proportion of material and the different granularity, and improves the proportioning precision. Moreover, the product is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain, which greatly reduces the investment in equipment, thus saving manpower, financial resources and energy consumption.  
Mixing Quantity (kg/batch)
ZYC-1250 1-5 7.5+4 500kg
ZYC-1500 2-6 7.5+4.5 750kg
ZYC-2000 3-8 11+4.5 1000kg

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