Cage Crusher

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The fertilizer machines are mainly used in biological organic fermentation composting,urban domestic garbage composting,grass mud carbon,rural straw garbage,industrial organic garbage and so on.Saving operating costs is the ideal machine for fertilizer production line and processing units.The raw material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry and feed,and the product has high granulation rate.It can produce various concentrations,multiple types compound fertilizer.
Features of the cage crusher:
1.simple structure good crushing effect
2.high output,no dust
3.easy to operation
It is one of the most advanced crushing equipment in China.

The working principle of cage crusher
The machine consists of rack, enclosure, big rat wheel group, small rat wheel group and two motors and other major components, working by a motor driven by a large cage forward rotation, another motor drive small cage reverse rotation, Material through the hopper into the inner wheel frame, the steel material on the repeated impact of broken pieces, so as to achieve the effect of material crushing.
Model Rotate speed Power Capacity Dimensions L×W×H Weight
mm r/min kW t/h mm kg
WLF650 2000 26 4-6 1800×1300×1160 2300
WLF800 2000 37 6-10 2200×1500×1360 2550

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